The Winter Bride

I have a special place for styled shoots. I love finding great places to shoot, as well. Helena is one of my past brides. She agreed to help me out with this shoot. So, I can’t take all the credit of finding this place. The idea was all hers and I loved it!!!

I love nature shoots. They never fail to deliver. The lighting, the sounds, the feeling. I remained calm throughout the shoot(granted, I wasn’t really on a time crunch haha).

I am so happy with this collection of images! I mean, probably some of my best work yet. I have always thought of myself as an artistic photographer. I really want to grow that. I need more skill and nourishment. That is why I like doing these sessions. It helps me grow as an artist, learn to see things differently and get as much done IN CAMERA as possible. So minimal behind computer is needed. Now, I am NOT saying I don’t tweak certain images to get a specific look or feeling, I want the image to take you somewhere, to make you FEEL something. So no matter what, you keep coming back to that image to either be in awe, smile or laugh.

I insist on creating works of art. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out(but still good images just not works of art- to clarify).

I brought my cousin along for some company and to help her get some practice in as well(we used this as a getaway from our momma lives).

Here she is!(yes, it was a tad bit frosty out) Meet, Dayna – my assistant and second shooter! So, let’s get to the shoot:

We journeyed to Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania for this particular session. The first location was at Baughman Rock Overlook, and the other is Cucumber Falls. I recommend a trip there. Beautiful!


















I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! If so, please tell me your favorite in the comments! I’m always interested in what other people value or find intriguing…

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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