Lola or “Loli-Bear”

Hello, everyone! I’m back(for the time being anyways). I must say that I have had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing people lately. One newly-wedded couple, Katie and Nick have an incredible family member named Lola. Meet Lola!Lola-08922

That face! I’m in love with these types of Portraits! Pets! Who’d of thought! But, yes, I will see myself doing many more in the future.

I was contacted by Katie to have pictures done to capture the love and life of Lola. She is part of the family. I was ecstatic to be involved! I mean who doesn’t love cute and fluffy?! Right away I knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to test my skills as a photographer. How do you go about taking pictures of something that is pretty much constantly moving. They really are like having a toddler around.

Let me just say that Lola was ALL about the treats! I do believe she might have devoured the bag of said treats(you’d have to ask Katie or Nick). I asked Nick if Lola could catch. They both sorta giggled. So I said, ” go ahead and toss one to her.” The outcome was: She can’t catch. But is it really necessary in the scheme of a life of a dog… Being cute and fluffy is.

I might now add that Nick works at the Cleveland Browns training facility. Pretty cool job, I think. He wanted to get some pictures around the field of Lola and Katie and him. I loved the idea! So enjoy some highlights from the training field:


I want to stop for a blink. My husband keeps telling me I need to watch, “A Dog’s Purpose.” I have not seen it. Maybe I should get some input from you readers? Should I?

I just loved this shot. So candid and not posed. Lola is just like, ” Okay, no problem, I can chill here and buff your shoe with my paw whilst you scratch my head.”





Katie and Nick have a great friend. Lola was so well behaved! You two should be very proud! Lola-09011


Next stop: Edgewater Park, Cleveland. I had never been there before. Let me just say that Edgewater Park has 4(of an innumerable amount) of my favorite things: sand(check), water(check), a weeping willow tree(oh, my gosh, YES! check!). Throw down my camera(gently) and do a happy dance. Okay, maybe I just did a slight jig(it happened so fast I doubt anyone caught me doing it).

Wait for the light, sigh*


Look at her! Hollywood missed out BIG TIME! As I’ve said before, “Oh, My Heart!” It is just bursting! This girl has so much love and share it she does!


I just want to hang this in MY house! Katie, Nick…do you mind? I’m not quite sure that would classify me as a creeper hahaha


Bribery may or may not have been involved here…. I’m not telling…


♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥


That WILLOW! So green and huge and amazing! #treegoals


To the last stop: Cleveland overlook.

The view was stunning! And Lola was such a good girl, she got a present! Something cute and fluffy just like her!




Here you see will see Lola’s reaction to the sign. It’s almost as if she was like, “okay it’s a sign! I bet lots of dogs have marked it as been there, done that. Can we go home now?” Haha

I have one last picture to share. This one was inspired by the movie, Pets. I am a lover of cartoons and dogs so this one was a no-brainer! Plus the comedy was right up my alley! Lola, thank-you for being awesome! And for setting standards all dogs should live up to!


Katie and Nick, thank-you as well, for everything! I hope these give you as much joy as they have given me!

Much Love ♥Jasmine♥

Kids: Photographing in the snow


How to stay warm in 20 degree snowy weather? Um, hot tea and fancy party gloves!

Keeping her warm in between shots was difficult. We made four trips back inside the house to wrap in a fuzzy blanket. But she was excited to get her pictures done so she warmed up fast.


With winter much upon us I wanted to take advantage and do some up-to-date pictures of my oldest. Being a photographer, she is a natural model for me. I realize not all kids like the camera. The secret lies in how you approach them. Make it fun! give them outfit choices: a favorite pair of boots, hat or toy. Give them the baton so to speak. Put them in charge(a freshly napped kid doesn’t hurt either).




This shoot took about 2 hours total time. I fixed her hair up and gave her some glow with a little makeup and dressed her to the heel.

It really is simple to take your children’s photos yourself. Basically, you want to document everything about them. Their beautiful little facial features, their hands, feet, hair. Every inch because everyday they change! So even if you don’t have a fancy camera or a fancy park or studio to pose in–I used our front yard and just changed my perspective. Beauty is everywhere. Your children enhance it. Make your session fun and let them throw snow if they aren’t into posing for the camera! A child in action makes a great shot. Give them something to do. A child in motion is a happy child.

Get creative! With I-phone photography lately I have seen some great captures. I’d love to see your work! Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!


Metamorphosis of My Business Card

How do you establish yourself as a professional? What sets you apart? How do you make an impact? Where do you start? Round and round my head spun like a merry-go-round on a caffeine high. I had no idea- well actually that’s a lie. I did have an idea- many of them, in fact. I couldn’t get focused on one topic. Who was I? What was my style? What did I want my business to say about me? I decided a good place to start would be with a great business card.

Business cards give you an open door. They are more like the door handle. I mean, who doesn’t like a flashy door handle?! But at the same time your business card says a lot about you.

I started with a simple, and classy card. I had no thought put into it, no design of my own, no logo and I didn’t stand out. I simply filled in the blanks on an already laid out format. Bing, Bang, Boom and placed my order. Sure they were nice to look at; perfect color scheme but, really, said nothing about me. I stared at them as I opened up the little box they were packaged in. I knew I could do better! My ideas changed and so did my business cards!

I still wasn’t completely satisfied. I was beginning to become a business card hoarder. Really! I had issues. I just couldn’t decide.

These stuck for a while. But as I grew as a photographer, I realized my cards needed change as well. I still use these cards for folder inserts. I have had five styles. There are two I use now. Depending on what I feel my client needs, is what I pass out. I want my cards to stand out and say to my clients: “Who is Jasmine Lea Photography”

So are you wondering, where should I start in my new business? Start with a beautiful card that makes a statement about you. Don’t be afraid to take time to meditate either! Think it through so that your brand is every bit a part of you.

Oh and if you do go through change, keep a bit of that change for you to look back on and smile at your improvement.


A Pregnancy Reveal~


Peyton is going to be a big brother!

My cousin, Dayna wanted to do a pregnancy announcement session and with it also a reveal of the gender. Of coarse, I was all about it! So the day we decided on the park just happened to be rainy and dreary…but no problem I had umbrellas!


I think he will much happier once his sibling arrives.



The reveal was done in their backyard. I just love the feeling clients have in their homes. I want everyone to be relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.


Touchdowns or tutus???


Well, that just about sums it up!


Fun with that silly string. Look out, Peyton!


Congratulations Dayna, Matt and Peyton!

Walk With Me.

My first blog. *GULP*

So what do I do with this new found voyage? I will give you a little sneak into my everyday life. Hello, as you have guessed I am a photographer. That is not the only thing I do, however. I part time serve at a restaurant 4 minutes from my house. While I don’t see myself doing this forever, I need something while I get my feet off the ground.

I have 2 daughters.knutti01254

This is Violet. She is my daredevil. Seeker of laughs, potato chips and airplanes! My blue-eyed baby doll.


And now may I introduce her highness, Princess Keira. My first born. She is most definitely my girly girl. She finds my jokes hilarious and that, my fellows is thumbs up in my book!


My girls give my life a depth I never would have thought possible. But here I am trying to make sense of running a business and why I am taking this new baby on(I promised myself NO MORE KIDS). It is because of those two beautiful  smiling faces. No need to explain further.


knutti01275(Clapping) He gave me a hard time about the suspenders………..I said you will love it, stop.

Did he love it you are thinking? Why, yes. Yes he did!

Themed shoots are my favorite to do because it gives me a chance to pretend I am someone else. It’s so much fun, people!!!!! You must try it!

But anyways….I just wanted to give a little introduction into my life and get this blogging thing on its way to what it will be. Topics of shoots I get to have fun with, day to day adventures…and anything else that come my way.

Thanks so much for reading!

Bye for now!