Rachel & Ryan – Engagement at their Alma Mater

I first met Rachel at a bridal show I participated in. Her energy was fantastic and I just knew we would be a good fit. Ryan and Rachel both attended West Minster College in Pennsylvania. Rachel told me that they have been together 9 years! What love and laughter they share.

Ryan proposed to Rachel on the steps of the library, so I thought it fitting that we start the session there….


I found a sign that said 1937 on this library. I mean, buildings just are not made the same anymore. The attention to detail and the love that is put into design has lost its sparkle today. The romance that used to be in architecture has long gone. So I always jump at opportunities like these to relive the romance!



These squirrels were everywhere. They were so flufffy I just wanted to die(Despicable Me reference lol).

Look how cute…





I’m taking a moment to talk about dancing when there is no music playing. It really turns into a magic moment. Just the two of you twirling and laughing and getting dizzy. (insert many cheeky smiles here)



Thanks goes to Rachel & Ryan for being great models and going along with my ideas (SMILING HUGE RIGHT NOW—I CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR WEDDING!).





Do you wonder what goes on during one of my hour long sessions? I hope this blog brings some clarification. We have fun! Pretty simple. I pose you and take pictures, we talk (i take more pictures) and we get to know each other before your wedding. And you get great memories together as part of your celebration of finding each other. Oh. The. Love.

Contact me for more info …..


Roncina & Donny, Wedding

To have and to hold each other forever and ever. Don’t let go.
On the day that Roncina and Donny were joined in marriage, it rained. But let me talk about this rain. It waited. The rain waited its turn! Can you believe it? Because here in Ohio that is unheard of! Our weather does not cooperate-no it does what it wants! But for these two souls joining together on this day, it waited. The time we had was short to get portraits taken and we had to improvise, but the guests were able to remain dry and faces stayed made up. Cina and Donny’s wedding day was attributed by more than just 1 person or place, the beauty of the day was a combined effort by all. I am thankful for everyone involved! Shout out to all the vendors who had a hand!

Venue: The Lake Club of Ohio
Dress and Veil: Bling Bridal
Seamstress: Alterations by Chris
Flowers: Floral Vision, Cina’s DIY Creations, The Lake Club
Makeup: SparkD Makeup Artistry
Nails: Nails by JayyCeapri
Hair: Dominique Bryant Tubbs
Videographer: Liam Abrigg
DJ: DJ Dank
Cake: Sugar Showcase
Dessert Table: Faith’s Favors, SugarPan Bakery, Debbie’s Treats, Cina’s DIY Creations













Is a First Look right for you???

I’ve had many brides and grooms ask, “What is a first look? Do I really need a first look?” My answer is always the same. I will explain what a first look is and how I execute it.

I discuss a location first, then my second shooter gets the groom in place and I bring the bride along.


This is a great time for some groom shots to be taken. Once the bride has arrived the look can be done many ways. I will use Shannon and Brian’s first look as an example. They had written letters to each other and opted to read their letters before they “looked”.

This moment can be very emotional and intimate. It truly is a beautiful moment for you, in my opinion.

These first looks can last 45 minutes or less. I usually like to set aside one hour for them, if there is space in your timeline. I just love watching the emotions and the feelings shared between them…


After the first look, I do couple portraits and this helps break up all the portraits. I get some more right around sunset to tell more of their story and also for the amazing light!


So, what do you think? Are you convinced that a first look is for you?! I love them. It’s your day. You get to decide about your pictures, I am there to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Leave a message and let me know what you think…I love to hear opinions!

The Winter Bride

I have a special place for styled shoots. I love finding great places to shoot, as well. Helena is one of my past brides. She agreed to help me out with this shoot. So, I can’t take all the credit of finding this place. The idea was all hers and I loved it!!!

I love nature shoots. They never fail to deliver. The lighting, the sounds, the feeling. I remained calm throughout the shoot(granted, I wasn’t really on a time crunch haha).

I am so happy with this collection of images! I mean, probably some of my best work yet. I have always thought of myself as an artistic photographer. I really want to grow that. I need more skill and nourishment. That is why I like doing these sessions. It helps me grow as an artist, learn to see things differently and get as much done IN CAMERA as possible. So minimal behind computer is needed. Now, I am NOT saying I don’t tweak certain images to get a specific look or feeling, I want the image to take you somewhere, to make you FEEL something. So no matter what, you keep coming back to that image to either be in awe, smile or laugh.

I insist on creating works of art. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out(but still good images just not works of art- to clarify).

I brought my cousin along for some company and to help her get some practice in as well(we used this as a getaway from our momma lives).

Here she is!(yes, it was a tad bit frosty out) Meet, Dayna – my assistant and second shooter! So, let’s get to the shoot:

We journeyed to Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania for this particular session. The first location was at Baughman Rock Overlook, and the other is Cucumber Falls. I recommend a trip there. Beautiful!


















I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! If so, please tell me your favorite in the comments! I’m always interested in what other people value or find intriguing…

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Metamorphosis of My Business Card

How do you establish yourself as a professional? What sets you apart? How do you make an impact? Where do you start? Round and round my head spun like a merry-go-round on a caffeine high. I had no idea- well actually that’s a lie. I did have an idea- many of them, in fact. I couldn’t get focused on one topic. Who was I? What was my style? What did I want my business to say about me? I decided a good place to start would be with a great business card.

Business cards give you an open door. They are more like the door handle. I mean, who doesn’t like a flashy door handle?! But at the same time your business card says a lot about you.

I started with a simple, and classy card. I had no thought put into it, no design of my own, no logo and I didn’t stand out. I simply filled in the blanks on an already laid out format. Bing, Bang, Boom and placed my order. Sure they were nice to look at; perfect color scheme but, really, said nothing about me. I stared at them as I opened up the little box they were packaged in. I knew I could do better! My ideas changed and so did my business cards!

I still wasn’t completely satisfied. I was beginning to become a business card hoarder. Really! I had issues. I just couldn’t decide.

These stuck for a while. But as I grew as a photographer, I realized my cards needed change as well. I still use these cards for folder inserts. I have had five styles. There are two I use now. Depending on what I feel my client needs, is what I pass out. I want my cards to stand out and say to my clients: “Who is Jasmine Lea Photography”

So are you wondering, where should I start in my new business? Start with a beautiful card that makes a statement about you. Don’t be afraid to take time to meditate either! Think it through so that your brand is every bit a part of you.

Oh and if you do go through change, keep a bit of that change for you to look back on and smile at your improvement.


SweetDEE and the Soybeans

A Trash the Dress Glamour Session.


For marketing purposes, I decided to do a styled shoot with Mandie. We did a little faux wedding set-up and then moved onto playing on Jim’s farm. I want to take a moment to thank Gabriele Brocker from Bake me Treats in Poland, OH for making the awesome cake and macarons. PLEASE, go pay her a visit! You will be so happy you did! She is awesome and so are the girls who work there. Love me some bake me treats!


Also thanks goes to Jim Callas for letting us use his property and farm. Thanks, Jim!


I had a pretty clear picture in my mind of how I wanted to portray my ideas. I wanted a bold, artistic touch for this and Mandie, you did FABULOUS! Thank-You! Just look at her eyes! Blue skies from here on out! Do you see her jewelry piece?? Thank-You to Donna Parry for designing it! You got me, girl! I gave you my thought and you ran full force and it was PERFECT!

Flower arrangement and bouquet put together by yours truly! I am still looking for a florist to collaborate with for future events. Please email me if interested!


Mandie is an esthetician at Advanced Skin Spa in Poland(right behind Bake me Treats!). She is wonderful. Got get your bridal make-up or a facial done for your wedding- you won’t be disappointed! Make-up done by Mandie~

Thank-You also goe to Mandie’s husband, Garrett. Thanks for being a good sport!






I am also looking for a hairstylist. I whipped Mandie’s hair up real quick for this shoot, but I’d really love to find a girl who is willing to be part of my preferred vendors list. Contact me if interested!


A beautiful evening with beautiful evening light. Just wait and see how we ended our shoot!



What farm is complete without its own outdoor tub??




Those rainbows! “NO WAY,” I said! As we squatted to take the last bunch of photographs, I looked and right over Mandie’s head were two rainbows happy to wish us an end to a fabulous shoot! God is great!




For any interested in a glamour session, I am opening up spots starting this spring. I supply hair styling, make-up and camera. You bring your dress and body. Please contact me for scheduling.

♥ Helena & Luke ♥

A little step back to April. I had driven through Sharon, PA while doing some prospecting in the area for photoshoots. I remember driving past The Buhl Mansion thinking, “gosh I would Love to shoot a wedding there, it’s gorgeous..”

Shortly after, I received a Wedding Wire message from Luke inquiring if I was willing to travel to Sharon for their wedding. Of coarse I travel (just for the record). Then I find out their wedding was happening at the Buhl. Oh my goodness (stars in my eyes….might have been tears……).


If you ever visit you will understand my awe.


I met with Luke and Helena the afternoon of their rehearsal. I was so nervous, I have issues with anxiety (being introverted-wrecks my nerves).

Luke and Helena really made my job easy; down to Earth, relaxed, funny (my kind of joke tellers), and let me have my assertiveness to photograph to my lil heart’s content(thank-you).

Beautification process is an awesome opportunity for me to grab some small moments.


Helena had my sides in stitches practicing with Rachael, one of her bridesmaids. Do I dip low, left or right?

I was in love with Helena’s gown. That lace and bead work was outstanding (I need to ask about the designer).

My husband got to spend some time with the guys as they got ready. Luke received a special delivery via Trish from Helena. After searching a couple rooms, we found him. haha.


Their children will have great smiles! Helena and Luke are like a washcloth dipped in happy juice and cut in two.

Best time for cardio? When the bride starts walking towards her groom. That is why I leave my stilettos at home.



Rock, paper, scissors? Why not…


Wha, Wha?!! That kiss !!!!! Looks like practice makes perfect…swinford05401

There is always that contented sigh. Then the bride with her prized catch!


Congratulations to the both of you! I wish you the best and many years of happiness together.



“For this pose….I want you to give me ‘you’.” On 1, 2, 3….NAILED IT!


I got to step back into time for a day and this image is on my favorites list. ♥ ♥ ♥


Husband & Wife. Mr. & Mrs.

Luke and Helena’s day was surrounded with family and friends who without a doubt in my mind loved them so much! I even caught myself getting caught up in the emotion of their day!

The Pittsburgh Barbeque Company had the mouths watering. Mmmm, cornbread….


A table for two, reserved just for them. To share small secrets and smiles of the heart.


This is another favorite…..it’s straight out of a romantic film!


“I think you got it, Jasmine.” In the words of Luke, as Helena’s grandmother embraced and kissed her cheek. What a sweet moment! I got choked up here…makes me miss my grandmother.

Let’s talk about pie, people!




“Grandma hasn’t moved like that in a long time.” Well, I would say she saved up for this day ♥