Rachel & Ryan – Engagement at their Alma Mater

I first met Rachel at a bridal show I participated in. Her energy was fantastic and I just knew we would be a good fit. Ryan and Rachel both attended West Minster College in Pennsylvania. Rachel told me that they have been together 9 years! What love and laughter they share.

Ryan proposed to Rachel on the steps of the library, so I thought it fitting that we start the session there….


I found a sign that said 1937 on this library. I mean, buildings just are not made the same anymore. The attention to detail and the love that is put into design has lost its sparkle today. The romance that used to be in architecture has long gone. So I always jump at opportunities like these to relive the romance!



These squirrels were everywhere. They were so flufffy I just wanted to die(Despicable Me reference lol).

Look how cute…





I’m taking a moment to talk about dancing when there is no music playing. It really turns into a magic moment. Just the two of you twirling and laughing and getting dizzy. (insert many cheeky smiles here)



Thanks goes to Rachel & Ryan for being great models and going along with my ideas (SMILING HUGE RIGHT NOW—I CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR WEDDING!).





Do you wonder what goes on during one of my hour long sessions? I hope this blog brings some clarification. We have fun! Pretty simple. I pose you and take pictures, we talk (i take more pictures) and we get to know each other before your wedding. And you get great memories together as part of your celebration of finding each other. Oh. The. Love.

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